The Estate

Ashburnham Estate

Elkaduwa, Kandy, Central Province

Main house phone (Tamil/Sinhala) - +94 (0) 76 360 2237

Guest phone (English speaking) - +94 (0) 76 972 8808

(We do not have a permanent ‘office’ at Ashburnham and so occasionally phones may be missed if staff are very busy. Please do call the Reservations number below if urgent.)

The Office

Tonic Lanka

3rd Floor, 125 Fife Road, Colombo 5, Colombo

Reservations phone - +94 (0) 76 341 1020

Reservations email -


(The office is open from 9am - 5pm Sri Lankan time - GMT + 5.5 - Monday - Friday. Calls and emails may be responded to outside of office hours but if urgent please contact the Estate as above.

Availability can be checked and bookings made directly online by clicking here)


Driving Directions


Using Google Maps is a (so far) foolproof way of finding us and far better than relying on maps, telephoned instructions, or local suggestions. (If having to rely on the latter then drivers should ask for the "Uswatte Bungalow".

Failing Google Maps, please use written directions below.