With its terrace views and open fireplace, Ashburnham Estate is a perfect spot at which to be blissfully idle. Those more energetic, though, may fancy some of the below.

Anyone staying more than a couple of days may like to make a day trip. From Ash we're within easy reach of Kandy, and full day-trips can be made to Dambulla, Sigiriyia, and Minneriya.

Tea-picking at Ashburnham Estate

Tour the tea fields with Mr Dassanayake

Ashburnham is a working tea estate of some 100 acres and so, with tea a perennial crop, our pickers are in the fields almost every day.

For a full understanding of the planting and picking process few are better versed than Mr Dassanayake, our estate manager for the last quarter of a century.

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A nostalgic afternoon on the court

Grab one of our wooden rackets and head to the tennis court. Request a jug of Pimms No. 1 to sustain you if the sun gets a little strong.

The court may offer the occasional eccentric bounce but for a slightly mismatched pair an imperfect surface proves a great leveler!

High tea at Ashburnham Estate

Picnics and teas of different shapes and sizes

The estate and those around it make ideal picnicking territory.

Try a (very) High Tea on top of One Tree Hill (pictured) or head the other way and request Sunset Drinks at the Cascade Pool.

To pair lunch with a (reasonably) wild swim we'll set up a Sri Lankan fire-cooked picnic at the Plunge Pool.


A curry cooking class with Reggie

Reggie has been our lead chef at Ashburnham Estate for nearly a decade.

His curries - the success of which he invariably attributes to his wife - are ever popular. Spend the latter part of the afternoon in the kitchen with Reggie, talking, learning, chopping.

We'll send you the recipes.

Cascade pool at Ashburnham Estate

A waterfall tour

We're fortunate to boast one large waterfall on the estate and several other cascades and plunge pools, all lovely little hideaways at which to cool off, lay back and chill out.

An afternoon is happily spent, meandering tea trails and old estate steps rambling from one to the next.

Hiking route above Ashburnham Estate

Guided walks and hikes

Climbing up and beyond Ashburnham Estate, you reach more beautiful tea estates in territory entirely untouched by recent development.

We've planned out a number of half-day and whole-day hikes that take you through those estates and into the unique Cloud Forest beyond.

Our guides Anuradha and Aravinda will provide the commentary for a beautiful, fascinating day's trekking.