Updates from the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance

The below is a press release from the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, of which Ash is a member. Those thinking of traveling here, or possibly revising plans, need to feel totally relaxed and comfortable in doing so. The information on the Alliance website, updated regularly, should help towards that end.

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#LoveSriLanka by the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance launches amid support from Sri Lankans & Travellers around the world. 

In the wake of the Easter Sunday outrage, several hotels [Rukgala included] came together to form the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, launching its #LoveSriLanka initiative. The Alliance’s main focus is the creation of an enabling online platform & community to promote & support Sri Lanka’s return to the norms of island life, specifically with regard to tourism. The initiative was launched as a response to a pressing need for the tourism and travel sector here and abroad for a single point of information that would assist the sector in responding to the current situation in the most effective way possible.

A train-ride up to Ashburnham

A train-ride up to Ashburnham

This will be brief. I’m in the third row from the very back of the 7am ‘Inter-city’ from Colombo Fort to Kandy and the bumps are worsening.


This is the ‘Observation Carriage’ – so called for the seats facing backwards to give views out through large well-cleaned windows. Observation won’t be so easy for those nearer the front (back?).*

In the field

In the field

It has, so far, been a wet year. The previous two were unusually dry but in 2018 the skies have poured.


Our guests have seemed to rather like it. I get nervous when it rains a lot but with the fire roaring and the gin flowing, weather anxiety seems to ebb quickly.


What’s more, people appreciate we’re on a tea estate, and wouldn’t be if it were dry all year. Reminding guests, and ourselves, of that fact has encouraged our thinking around what it means to be a ‘tea estate hotel’.