Dear All,

You will have seen, read and heard a lot about recent events in Sri Lanka and no doubt share our shock at the inhumanity of what happened.

We’ve all been deeply saddened and that feeling is clear, collectively, amongst staff at Ash.

That said, Sri Lankan people have the capacity for a remarkable stoicism; they’ve lived through very tough times and know how to get on with life. That’s what’s happening now.

On the ground here the Government, no doubt spurred by reasonable reporting of previous failures, has acted swiftly. Numerous arrests have been made and the police and armed forces have been deployed in good numbers to restore confidence.

There was, of course, real uncertainty in the days after Easter Sunday but normality – or what feels like normality – is returning. From our office in Colombo, as well as at Ashburnham and other properties, we can attest to a quickly returning optimism and sense of calm.


We entirely understand concerns around travel to Sri Lanka and appreciate that many will be guided by their own Government advice.

We’d encourage you, though, to not rush to cancellation. There’s some self-interest in that suggestion of course but in it, too, a strong and considered belief that necessary steps are being taken, security is well in place, and the island – perhaps a little paradoxically – is safer now than ever.

Given the above we’re happy to revise our booking terms. We will waive any cancellation fees on bookings in 2019, no matter if made within the previously chargeable 30 day period before arrival.

We hope this gives you more time to see how things develop and feel more assured of enjoying, as we’re confident you will, a very happy time here.

Sri Lanka has been badly hurt - and many families will feel enormous pain for years to come - but it remains a wonderfully beautiful, warm and uniquely welcoming country to visit. We very much hope to see you here.

All the best,

Max and team